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Best Graduation Gift(s) For Boys 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

Cue the *music* and congratulations fellas, you did it! Now look away while we discuss your epic graduation gift...

It's amazing when school finally ends for a young man isn't it? Now they have all this wide open space before them to strike out and make a name for themselves. So today's gift is taking into consideration time and the creation of awesome memories with said time.

This gift idea is a two-tiered one. They go hand in hand really.

The gift shop presents...

I mean...come on...real show stoppers these are. These watches are a quiet etsy find that we have actually purchased for friends and loved ones years ago and we still get praise and thanks for them. One friend said "Hands down one of the nicest looking things I own. Goes good with everything."

We vouch for their customer service, which has been stellar every time we interact with them for a purchase.

From the wood grain craftsmanship to the personalized touch engraving gives it, this one is definitely a winner.


129 USD - with engraving

119 USD - without engraving

Your young man can sport this time piece while he's traipsing across whatever adventure this next gift has gotten him into. Which brings us to...


26.99 USD

The world awaits their curious and adventurous spirits and this book should help inspire that. It's chock full of ideas. Hopefully, they will remember the time and places they will have dared to enjoy while thinking of you along the way.

If you gift this combo and it gets a gasp, a laugh or a happy tear let us know in the comments below, thanks!

Perfect graduation gift for:



Adventurous boys/men

Classy watches guy/boys/men



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